The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sore Anus


We’ve all been there. You’re having a hard day at work, and you want to vent some of your stress before you get back to work. However, most S & M clubs only open after dark, and the boss didn’t take too kindly to the last time you brought your whip into the office. Luckily, an easy, convenient solution is at hand – the ‘Pleasure & Pen’ gimp pen holder.
This beautifully crafted piece of contemporary stationery delivers all the excitement and depravity of a bondage club right at your desk. It’s certain to make a great conversation starter at work too, especially if any of your workmates relish the feel of rubber or latex themselves. Bring out the gimp, and you’ll soon have the whole office crowded around your desk wanting to give it a try themselves.

Plus, this marvel of BDSM (Brilliantly Distinctive Stationery Masterpiece) solves a problem we all have – that of having a pen to hand when you need one. With the gimp pen holder, you won’t ever have to worry about finding a pen on your crowded desk ever again. The specially created silver ballpoint pen that comes with the pen holder fits snugly into the appropriately positioned orifice, and of course, being the obedient subservient submissive that the gimp is, he’ll leave the pen in there until you give permission to remove it. The gimp is positioned with a perfect prone posture and his gimp suit is easily wipe-clean as well, to keep things really neat and tidy.

The ‘Pleasure & Pen’ gimp pen holder not only makes the perfect addition to any desk, it also allows you to take out any stress you might be feeling, without worrying about the legal consequences. We’ve all fantasised about taking a pen to a colleague and inserting it where the sun doesn’t shine; this pen holder gives you all of the satisfaction without any of the lawsuits.

If you feel extra sadistic, the pen included with the holder comes complete with a real tassel, so you can vent your anger on this little guy to your heart’s content. A few hearty whips, and you’ll be able to get back to work with a clear head. And don’t worry about what the gimp himself thinks of it – just look at his face, you’ll see he’s thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.

So, order this pen holder today – you certainly won’t have to worry about someone else in the office having the same one as you!

*Bring Out The Gimp*

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