A Gift For The Person Who Has Everything…


Do you know someone that is incredibly hard to buy a gift for? Of course you do, but if that particular person has a rather twisted sense of humour, then we may very well have the perfect gift idea for you. This is a unique item that’s not for the faint of heart, or for those who are a little prudish about things of a rather saucy nature. Let’s just say that the main component of this gift is a figurine who most certainly would not be described as uptight, or any other form of tight, for that matter. If you’re ready to learn more about what may be the oddest gift in the world, please read on, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What we are talking about here is the Gimp Pen Holder. The term ‘gimp’ may not mean anything to you unless you’ve seen Pulp Fiction. If you cast your mind back to that movie, you may remember a rather lurid scene where a leather-clad, rubber-ball wearing character known as ‘The Gimp’ sets out to terrorise Marcellus Wallace in the, pardon the pun, bowels of a neighborhood pawn shop.

You can now ‘bring out the The Gimp’ into your own home with this wonderful pen holder, and while we can’t provide Bruce Willis to bail you out this time around, we can utterly guarantee that a pen is (!) all you need to give the Gimp what he deserves, and probably wants, with this great little novelty birthday present.

The Gimp Pen Holder features a beautifully crafted dude in full bondage gear on all fours with his rear end sitting way up in the air. We’ll let you guess where the pen, which comes as a part of the set, goes, but we can say that this little fellas mouth is most definitely not big enough to handle any sized pen. Judging by the look on the face of the figurine, it’s probably also fair to say that his other orifice is also probably not quite built to hold the average pen.

Once you see the quality of the Gimp Pen Holder, we’re sure that you’ll agree that it makes a perfect Secret Santa gift for the people in your office who tend to get a little out of control at the Christmas party.

The piece itself measures about 10 cm long by 15 cm high, with that extra height all delivered by his bodacious booty. This is the ideal gift for the woman or man who has everything, and it could well tell you something about your recipient by just watching how much joy they gets from housing that pen.

Speaking of the pen, the Gift Pen Holder set comes with a beautiful silver pen that has leather tassels on the end that make it somewhat similar to a cat o’ nine tails. Play your cards right with this gift, and you may just have the recipient screaming out “Thank you, sir! Can I have another?

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